About Us

About Us

Melon Canary is all about customer satisfaction, innovation, and long term vision. Our objective is to maintain our high standards with a real-time online marketplace. Experience online shopping like never before. We are offering a range of products that have been customized to meet all our customer requirements.

Melon Canary has improved its site processing speed, customer support, and real-time domain marketplace.

Melon Canary is in partnership with Melon Online.


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Hi, thank you for the great support. The "how-to-guides" are really amazing. I have set up my search engine optimization and I must say that it really is life-changing.

Sarah Carl

Thank you for customizing a deal for my eCommerce store. The site runs much faster and I have a ton of storage space for more plugins, images, and products. The Quick Cart package was exactly what I was looking for.

Frank Levi

Thank you! I have a new domain for my blog. The best part is that it was cheaper than I expected.

Blake Mern